The Australian Society of Baking Creed

Australian Society of BakingThe Australian Society of Baking Creed

 The ideals of the ASB are best expressed in its Creed, drawn up by the founders and read by a member before each meeting.

As a member of the Australian Society of Baking it is my desire and privilege:-


  • To live the ideals of Fellowship, Education and Inspiration which prompted the forming of the Society.
  • To further the interest and progress of the baking industry in whatever way a greater service may thereby be rendered to society.
  • To endeavour to be free with and to encourage the exchange of information on baking subjects among fellow members.
  • To promote and practice cleanliness in its highest principles; not alone cleanliness of person, shop and equipment, but also of mind and habit.
  • To be ever alert to the advancement of the science of baking.
  • To foster study and knowledge among those engaged with me in the manufacture of baked goods, realising always that in the enhancement of our profession in public esteem each individual contributes an important part.
  • To assist a fellow member at any time with his problems, upholding in word and deed the substance of the Society’s’ Creed, the Golden Rule “All Things Whatsoever You Would That Men Should Do To You, Do You Unto Them”
  •  To follow this simple Creed in heart and mind, being ever aware of the responsibility that falls upon me as a producer of one, if not the most important, of all foods and to do honour to the ancient and honorable profession of Baking.