The Australian Society of Baking is dedicated to promoting the advancement of baking science and technology to the exchange of information and interaction of baking industry professions.

providing a forum for learning

The Australian Society of Baking

The Australian Society of Baking (A.S.B.) was founded in 1970 by Sydney Packham (OAM) and a group of bakers and allied traders, some of whom had attended meetings of the American Society of Bakery Engineers in the United States.

They decided there was scope to set up an organisation along similar lines in Australia. The ASB was first constituted as the Australian Chapter Affiliate of the American Society, before simplifying its name in 1979 to the Australian Society of Baking.

It retains its links with both the American Society of Baking and the British Society of Baking.

ASB CommitteeThe societies exchange publications and information, and can offer more direct help to one another’s members by way of organising bakery visits and work experience.

The primary purpose of the Australian Society of Baking is to provide a forum for learning more about the industry through meetings and seminars.

ASB Members Exclusive Brunch

Come and join us for an exclusive brunch in the heart of Manly, Sydney. Here is three exciting establishments bringing to life the art of baking to perfection.

Here you will find Normas Deli, a working kitchen and open bakery serving something for every occasion of the day. Follow that up with Rollers, a palm springs inspired French style bakehouse with stunning recipes featuring very complex flavour profiles. Finally finish up at Butter Boy cookies which lets face it “really are the best in town”.

Public Transport – Manly Fast ferries from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf, and a short walk up the corso to meet @ Normas Deli.

Parking – Free 2h parking – Pennisula Carpark 25 Wentworth St, Manly NSW 2095

Become a Member

Become a member of A.S.B and gain access to our exclusive members only area where you will have access to;

Networking opportunities

Keeping up to date with industry’s events and development/trends

Access to papers from local and international presenters

Access to British and American societies’ libraries

Technical support through ASB contacts and memberships

Access to assistance from fellow members in areas of: Equipment, ingredients and education knowledge.

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Events and Conferences

A.S.B is dedicated to providing its members with regular conferences and events, allowing you to network and learn from various experts and professionals within the baking industry.