ASB Founding Father's

The Committee of The Australian Society of Baking have chosen the 70th Conference Celebrations in May 2007 to honour those men who were involved with the commencement of the Society and have remained on-going members over the years.

This National Society was started by a group of like-minded men who all had a yearning to share information, broaden the knowledge of their Industry and open up communication channels with people the width and breadth of Australia and overseas.

The ASB committee realised that today we are the heirs to the optimism of these pioneers, who back in 1970 believed that if they kept our Industry informed, then today we would be a better, more superior, more attractive Industry of which to be a member.

Today is a defining moment for these men, because today is the day that back in the 1970’s they dreamed about.  The day where there is no limit to the aspirations and successes for young members of our Industry.

Our knowledge has been broadened and enriched by the years of shared information.  Our Founding Fathers provided a framework for directing that knowledge with the formation of the ASB and showed there is nothing more effective than ‘powerful simplicity’.

They sought a way forward to benefit anyone in our Industry that’s wished to join; they recognised that information was a commodity and that to forge ahead in our careers we had to add value to what we could offer ad the sharing of information was a key factor of our worth to the Industry.

For our younger and newer members, today is the day you set your compass for the future, with determination and inspiration equal to our Founding Fathers.

One day, this will be yours to enjoy.  So today is about recognising our heritage and rewarding those that made it possible.  Human thinking is the most important resource we have and there is always a great deal of room for improvement.

Our Founding Fathers opened up the possibilities for us and then designed a way of turning those possibilities into realities.

  • Sydney Packham – 1970
  • Ken Packham – 1970
  • John Murphy – 1970
  • Max Notley – 1970
  • Harold Ewen – 1970
  • John Packham – 1970
  • Jack Simpson – 1971
  • Zig Bluzmanis – 1971
  • Phil Dadd -1971
  • Ian Middleton – 1971
  • Mike Dennis – 1971
  • Ernie Eves – 1971
  • Robin Alberry – 1972
  • John Gibbs – 1972
  • Robert Davies -1973
  • Bert Milgate – 1973
  • Fred Jones – 1973
  • Ron Devereaux – 1974
  • Bob Jones – 1974
  • Erroll Thompson 1975
  • Mike Flemming – 1976
  • Brian Fox – 1976
  • Theo Hansen – 1976
  • John Janson – 1977
  • Wayne Rapp – 1977
  • Grahame McLeod – 1977
  • Robert Omara – 1977
  • Laurie Gray – 1977
  • Ken Bartelli – 1977
  • Lindsay Weber – 1978
  • Ken Williams -1978